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DigitalPersona One Touch ID SDK per Windows

790,00EUR (652,89+ IVA)

Il Kit SDK (Software Development Kit) One Touch ID per windows di Digital Persona offre agli sviluppatori la possibilità di integrare l'autenticazione biometrica nelle applicazioni sviluppate in ambiente Windows. Supporta i sensori biometrici Digital Persona della linea U.are.U.

Il prodotto sarà disponibile nell'area cliente per il download, dopo averne effettuato l'acquisto.

High Speed Identification - Fast, accurate identification of users with just a single touch.
High Scalability - Quickly look up individuals from within groups of thousands of users.
Enhanced Security - Eliminate “double-dipping” fraud.
Reduced IT Costs - No need to provision usernames, ID numbers, PINs or swipe cards.
Increased User Productivity - No need to remember/enter usernames, ID numbers, PINs or swipe cards.
Fast, Efficient Development - .NET programming interface for easy application development.
Economical Licensing Model - No per-template or per-user license fees.
The One Touch I.D. SDK continues the DigitalPersona tradition of providing solid, proven tools for developers to incorporate into mission-critical applications.

Principali caratteristiche One Touch I.D. 2.2.1
  • 64-bit support. Provides for larger in-memory I.D. lists
  • Allows creation of I.D. lists greater than the 20,000 templates
  • Supports both single-finger and two-finger identification
  • Extends identification to templates enabling developers to run duplicate enrollment checks
  • One Touch for Windows 1.6.1 RTE is included. No need to build the sample application before execution
  • Also includes the One Touch for Windows .NET documentation and samples

Brochure (PDF, 500kB)

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